Suffering From Lower Back Pain? Here Are Some Easy To Follow Yoga Poses To Alleviate Mesa Back Pain!

Spending long hours hunched over at your desk or in front of your computer invariably leads to muscle tension, muscle fatigue and poor posture. This does not only sound unhealthy and painful, it truly is.

Mesa Back Pain Relief Exercises by BodyWorkz

Suffering From Lower Back Pain? Here Are Some Easy To Follow Yoga Poses To Alleviate Mesa Back Pain!

Our team has compiled a helpful list of home exercises that can help increase flexibility while reducing back pain!
Mesa, Arizona

Visiting your Mesa AZ chiropractor regularly for spinal adjustments is a great way to reduce Mesa back and neck pain significantly. Additionally, your chiropractor can give you helpful tips on how to get your back back in shape and how to reduce severe back pain.

Because we understand that the time of our clients is limited, we have compiled a helpful list of home exercises that can help increase flexibility while reducing back pain. Here are the top 5 exercises we recommend to patients with back pain:

1. Both Knees Twist

This exercise is great for clients who spend a lot of time sitting and suffer from lower back pain. Lie flat on your back and hug both knees towards your chest, then spread both arms to the sides, in a T-shape. While exhaling, lower both knees to the right side and keep your shoulders firmly on the ground. If the shoulders rise, you may lower your legs farther away from the shoulder. Hold this pose for 1-2 min and then repeat the exercise on the left.

2. Child’s Pose

What may look like a resting pose is really a pose that lengthens your back. Start on all fours (knees and hands) then slowly send your buttocks towards your heels and keep your hands in place. Make sure that arms and legs are aligned as if you were a railroad track. Hold this position for 10 deep breaths and repeat as needed. While it is fantastic for your back, it also helps relax after a long day at work or before bed.

3. Cat-Cow

Cat cow yoga pose to help with back pain reliefAn excellent pose to relieve tension in a sore or achy back. Start on all fours (arms and legs aligned) and while exhaling push your back up like a cat’s back and letting your head and neck relax down. Hold for a few breath cycles, then inhale and let your belly drop, lifting your head and pulling your shoulders back. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times to neutralized spinal stress and to relax muscles.

4. Forward Fold

This deceptively simple yoga pose is terrific to relieve shoulder and neck pain, while also stretching the back. Stand up straight with feet hip width apart, but make sure your knees aren’t locked. With a deep exhale fold over (as if hinged at your waist) and reach for the floor. Mesa lower back pain relief does not depend on whether or not you can reach the floor. Just make sure that your hamstrings feel a satisfying, but not painful, stretch. You can let your head become heavy and arms hang down, touch the floor or lightly sway side to side, whatever feels good. Repeat 5 times and hold as long as it feels comfortable.

5. Downward-Facing Dog

This classic yoga pose truly works. While you are on hands and knees with the hands slightly in front of your shoulders, push yourself up and back, while not losing the connection to the ground. Your buttocks are lifted, tailbone reaching towards the ceiling and legs straight, but not locked. If you can, lower your heels to the ground, but don’t worry if you can’t. This is a terrific full-body stretch that also targets the large muscles in your lower back (extensors) that help you lift stuff and support your spine.

are many other terrific yoga poses that can help to lessen any back or neck pain you may experience. Your East Mesa chiropractor can advise you on which exercises are suitable for your particular back pain. But these five are a good start towards better posture and a healthier back.

The Bodyworkz team is always glad to answer your health question and offer helpful advice. To learn more or schedule your appointment, contact us today.

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