4 Ways to Alleviate Lower Back Pain at Your Sitting Job

Sitting is the new smoking. We’ve heard countless warnings about how bad it is for you to sit all day – increasing your risk of heart attack, diabetes, and a host of other health problems. But some of us don’t really have a choice about sitting since our jobs require it. Not every office is willing to provide you with sit-stand computers or treadmill desks.

4 Ways to Alleviate Lower Back Pain at Your Sitting Job

Sitting can do more than increase your risk of long-term health problems. It can also cause lower back pain that can become chronic and make you feel miserable. Stretching just isn’t enough to bring you the back pain relief that you need. Here are four things you can do to alleviate lower back pain from sitting at your job all day:

Take Frequent Walk Breaks

The easiest thing you can do to not just treat back pain but to prevent it is get up frequently. Don’t sit all day. Take regular walks around the office or down the hall. You don’t have to do much to break up the monotony of your position.

You can make it easy to remember getting up by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Your bladder will be your natural alarm clock, requiring that you get up and walk to the bathroom. Not only will you get up frequently, but you’ll also stay hydrated, which will reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, helping to bring you back pain relief.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Back pain will come on more quickly if you are sitting all day and have weak core muscles. You can stave off back pain by strengthening your core with plenty of regular exercise. Cardiovascular exercises like running and swimming will naturally strengthen your core because of the position you take and the way the exercises work parts of the whole body. But you should also include strength training exercises that specifically target your core muscles, including the back and the abs.

Invest in a Sit-Stand Desk

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Your employer may not provide the sit-stand desk for you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t invest in one yourself. If sitting all day is causing your lower back pain, then take charge of your health and find ways to stop sitting all day. Unless you’re ready to find another job that doesn’t require sitting, you’re going to have to look for more ways to get on your feet at your current job. A sit-stand desk provides you that opportunity while ensuring that you can maintain your productivity. You can sit when you’re feeling tired, and you can stand when you need to get on your feet. You’ll be able to do the work you need to do while sitting or standing with the right desk.

See a Chiropractor

Sitting all day really throws your spine out of balance. It also causes tension in your muscles and limits your circulation. Seeing a chiropractor near Mesa regularly can give you the back pain relief you need. Chiropractic treatments for back pain can align your spine to improve circulation and to ensure proper communication with your nervous system. Mesa chiropractic care can also reduce compression and tension in the muscles, which contributes heavily to the pain you feel.

The recommended treatment varies for each person, but a weekly chiropractic adjustment is generally recommended for those who sit for long periods every day. Your chiropractor will let you know what will bring you optimal back pain relief.

If you have a job that requires that you sit for long periods, follow all of these recommendations to get optimal relief from your chronic back pain. You might also try additional holistic treatments, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and yoga.

Visit BodyWorkz in Arizona to visit a chiropractor and get ongoing back pain relief. We offer chiropractic treatments near Mesa for back pain that align your spine, improve circulation and nerve system communication, and reduce muscle tension. We also offer other therapies that can provide back pain relief, including massage therapy and acupuncture. Your chiropractor will examine you and take a history of your symptoms to determine the best course of treatment for you. Call us in Arizona to schedule an appointment at our chiropractic clinic and start getting the relief you need.


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