10 Things Your Chiropractor Wishes You Knew

Dr. Wallace stretching a Chandler chiropractic patientYour spine affects more than you may realize. Though you may not think about your spine until you are experiencing some kind of back pain, your spine can actually affect many more aspects of your health, including the strength of your immune system, your ability to recover from injury, and your digestion.

Visiting a chiropractic clinic in Arizona can help you restore the alignment of your spine and provide relief for many health issues. Yet, there are 10 things that your chiropractor wishes you knew before you came for the visit:

1. Pushing is Better than Pulling

When an item is just too heavy to lift, you might be tempted to drag it on the ground instead. Some people prefer to pull the object since they can plant their feet down and use the strength of their legs to move the item. However, pushing it is actually better for your spine. Put your force into your legs and not your back when pushing.

2. Don’t Twist while Lifting

Lifting heavy objects can put a serious strain on your back. If you lift a heavy object and then twist, you are putting your back in even greater jeopardy. Instead of changing directions while you already have the object in your hand, put it down and then change your position.

3. Don’t Cross Your Legs

Many women have been taught that crossing their legs is polite and modest. However, crossing your legs actually puts pressure on your lower back and causes your spine to move out of alignment. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your legs parallel to it.

4. Practice Good Posture Even While Sitting

best way to sit in a chair is to keep your knees slightly above your hips, to keep your back straight, and to hold your head up high. You may need a small foot stool or ottoman to raise your feet to elevate your knees.

5. Carrying Two Objects is Better than One

You will put less pressure on your back if you carry two lighter objects instead of one, heavier object. The objects will help to provide balance as you walk.

6. Staring at Your Cell Phone is Bad for Your Back

When you look at your phone, your chin usually points toward your chest and your neck curves into a “C” shape. That pulls your posture out of alignment, which can allow pressure to build in your spine. Hold your phone up to eye level, keep your neck straight and minimize mobile device use.

7. Sleep on Your Back or Side

Sleeping on your stomach puts too much pressure on your spine. This is damaging to your low back and also your neck. Try to sleep on your back, and put a small pillow under your knees for support. You can also sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees to keep your hips in alignment which prevents back strain in the night.

8. Don’t Do Sit-Ups

How Chandler acupuncture services can help your neck pain!Crunches and sit-ups put too much strain on your back and neck. To strengthen your core muscles and support your back, do a plank instead.

9. Stretch Your Hamstrings

Your leg muscles are connected to your pelvis, which is the foundation of your spine. If your hamstrings are tight, they will cause your spine to come out of alignment and create back pain. Stretch your hamstrings regularly — especially after you’ve been sitting all day.

10. Lose Weight to Help Your Back

A beer belly or other weight around the midsection can cause strain on your back by changing your center of gravity. Lose weight to keep your spine in alignment and eliminate pain.

BodyWorkz is a chiropractic clinic in Arizona that offers holistic care including Chandler massage therapy and Chandler acupuncture. Visit our Chandler chiropractor today to learn about other things you can do to keep your spine and body healthy, or get treatment for chronic pain or other health issues.

September 8th, 2015Chiropractic

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