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Rotator Cuff Syndrome is a shoulder injury. Unfortunately, a rotator cuff injury is very common. To understand the commonalty what exactly a rotator cuff syndrome, one will need to understand the anatomy of the shoulder. The anatomy of the shoulder consist of an unstable ball and a socket joint. Both sound very fragile, which is why the shoulder depends on muscular support. That muscular support consist a group of four muscles, known as the rotator cuff. Those muscles are the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor. In other words, you shoulder is supported by four muscles.

The rotator cuff is responsible of the movements of your shoulder, and the ability to rotate it. Plus, it protects the humerus (shoulder ball). When you develop a rotator cuff syndrome, it hurts to rotate your shoulder. One possible explanation is that the tendons (where the shoulder joints are) are inflamed and causing irritation/pressure within your shoulder muscles. At BodyWorkz, we have rotator cuff chiropractors with the skills and knowledge to determine the cause of your pain and to treat your condition. Located in Mesa, Arizona, the best solution for your rotator cuff syndrome is at BodyWorkz.

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Non-Invasive Chiropractic Treatment For Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Bodyworkz performs a non-invasive chiropractic treatment for you rotator cuff syndrome. The main goal at BodyWorkz is to relieve you from your pain. Our non-invasive rotator cuff chiropractic treatments vary depending on the patient, and the condition of the rotator cuff syndrome. The rotator cuff chiropractors at BodyWorkz are well-trained, professional and have the knowledge to treat your conditions properly.

What Causes A Rotator Cuff Injury?

The common causes of a rotator cuff injury are repetitive activities (repetitive micro-trauma) that involves using your shoulder. For example, playing sports such as football, volleyball, golf and baseball. Over time, the tendons will wear out faster, that it won’t let your body heal them, which will lead to a micro tear within the tendons. It’s important to know that a rotator cuff syndrome is when your rotator cuff tendons are periodically trapped and compressed when moving your shoulder. That’s an indication that you need to see a chiropractor. A chiropractor for rotator cuff treatment will be able to diagnosis what actually caused the injury and how to proceed.

Treatment Options Available

At BodyWorkz, our treatments for a rotator cuff syndrome varies per person and per diagnosis. To determine the best course of action with the best results is for you to come in and have a rotator cuff chiropractor treat your pain. Possible treatments options may include muscle massage and actual muscle release techniques. The goal for our treatments is to decrease possible scar tissue and restore the mobility of your shoulder. BodyWorkz in East Mesa has the chiropractors and resources to make sure you are pain free.


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The rotator cuff chiropractors at BodyWorkz in East Mesa, are happy to relieve you from your pain. BodyWorkz have experienced and well-trained massage therapists that are dedicated to give you the best rotator cuff treatment. The founder of BodyWorkz, is an experienced chiropractor with nineteen years of experience, is more than prepared to diagnose and treat you. Our team of Mesa rotator cuff chiropractors are well-trained and have the experience to conduct neuromuscular release, myotherapy release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, swedish massage, ashiatsu, kinesio taping and guasha. Trust the massage therapist and chiropractors at BodyWorkz to treat your rotator cuff syndrome.

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