How Chiropractic Care Works Hand-in-Hand with Physical Therapy

Back pain in Mesa is a common problem, unfortunately. Dull, chronic pain can be caused by improper posture, muscle tension, injuries from exercise, poor sleeping position, and more. That pain can become unbearable over time. Serious accidents can result in acute and lingering pain, as well.

Both Mesa chiropractic care and physical therapy are commonly used to treat and manage back pain. But you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can get benefits from both forms of therapy. In fact, chiropractic care and physical therapy can work hand-in-hand to give the patient maximum relief.

Relax the Muscles

Muscle tension can put pressure on the spine and/or cause it to come out of alignment. Tense muscles can also pinch nerves in and around the spine, which can cause intense pain.

Physical therapy helps to relax the muscles in the back through targeted massage. Chiropractors also help to relax the muscles by adjusting the spine so that it is not pulling muscles improperly. Chiropractors may also massage the back a bit to prepare for spinal adjustments.

Many people feel relief just from the bit of massage near Mesa they get during these treatments. However, through a combination of physical therapy and chiropractic care in Mesa, they can get ultimate relief.

Adjust the Spine

A chiropractor treats the entire spine and musculoskeletal systemA lot of Mesa back pain is caused by spinal vertebrae moving out of place. It could be that the vertebrae are causing your back to pull in unnatural directions, or it could be that the vertebrae have become compressed and are rubbing against each other or are pinching nerves.

A chiropractor can relieve the pressure in your spine and ensure natural movement by performing a series of adjustments that get your spinal column back in alignment. Chiropractic treatments are some of the most effective in reducing pressure on the spine and alleviating nerve compression.

Physical therapists can also alleviate nerve compression, but they use different methods for doing so. Physical therapists provide exercises that are aimed at restoring range of movement, and they assist in movements where necessary. By getting physical therapy in conjunction with Arizona chiropractic care, you can get ultimate relief. However, physical therapy alone may not be enough to treat the problem, depending on the cause of the pain.

Strengthens Muscles

One way that a physical therapist can help the most is by giving you exercises that will strengthen your back and core muscles. Good muscle tone and strength is essential for keeping your back healthy and your spine in alignment. With strength and flexibility, you will have the full range of motion without threat of injury.

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It is important that you get chiropractic adjustments before you start strengthen your muscles, if you already have back pain or other back problems. The adjustments will ensure that your spine is in alignment so you have a good starting point. Otherwise, if you strengthen muscles around your misaligned spine, you may be putting tension in all the wrong place. A misaligned spine can also make it hard for you to do those exercises and make the strength gains that you want.

Combine each therapy and enhance the benefitsFor many back problems, getting a combination of both chiropractic care and physical therapy can help you make gains faster and get relief sooner. It is important that you let each of your providers know what treatments you are getting so they can design a program that will complement the other treatments you are receiving. It is also important that you discuss these treatments with your doctor just in case there are any special issues that need to be considered. More serious back problems may require surgery or other specialty care.

If you are ready to get the chiropractic treatment you need, contact My Body Workz in Mesa. We offer chiropractic care for back pain near Mesa relief, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, TMJ, and other ailments. Your chiropractor will perform a complete assessment to understand the health issues you are having and will then create a treatment plan for you. Our specialists also offer other body work, including massage therapy and acupuncture in Mesa. You can create a treatment plan that combines these services to get optimal relief and to promote optimal health. Call us in Arizona today to make an appointment!

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