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Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Mesa

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Are you suffering from lower back pain? The reasons for lower back pain vary. Bad posture that can cause curvature of the spine can be the culprit just as much as a herniated disc, excessive body weight or a pinched nerve. No matter what the reason for your lower back pain may be, you are certainly seeking pain relief.

While pain medication does a great job of numbing the pain, it is not a permanent solution and has many undesirable side effects, as well. Scheduling and appointment with your chiropractor for lower back pain can reduce pain significantly and without side effects. Oftentimes, the pain relief will last for some time and be much less, when it does come back. For the right treatment approach consult your Mesa chiropractor.

About Our Team At BodyWorkz in Mesa

To get a handle on lower back pain, you need a team that combines a passion to help with extensive training and knowledge. Bodyworkz in Mesa offer chiropractic lower back pain treatments for Mesa residents. She works with a team of experienced, well-trained and educated therapists that offer additional manipulative treatments. Massage therapy and medical acupuncture therapy are efficient methods of alleviating pain in the lower back and other areas of the body.

Lower Back Pain Relief For Mesa Patients

Bodyworkz in Mesa offers holistic manual manipulative treatments. While school medicine often advocates surgery for lower back pain stemming from herniated discs and other causes, our team can aid your back with a carefully designed treatment plan. This may include adjustment of the lumbar spine, massage therapy for muscle relaxation and acupuncture for back pain management. We also encourage our clients to continue their treatment at home with specific back exercises and good posture.

Mesa Chiropractor Care For Your Lower Back

Chronic back pain relief is achieved with a comprehensive treatment plan consisting of chiropractic treatments designed to take pressure of compromised areas, release and relax muscles and pinched nerves and establish energy flow in the spine with a manual or instrumental adjustment. To ensure that your lower back pain will continue to improve you should continue with your Mesa chiropractic treatment even after symptoms have subsided. Ongoing chiropractic care ensures that your spine is properly aligned at all times.

You do not have to live with chronic low back pain. A chiropractor can help you to obtain permanent lower back pain relief. While initially you might have to see your chiropractor several times a week, eventually the frequency of your visits will decrease as you receive maintenance adjustments rather than treatment of acute symptoms. To visit a chiropractor for low back pain relief, contact us today at 480-245-4995.

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