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Chiropractic treatments for whiplash patients were probably among the first chiropractic adjustments that went mainstream. In fact, many people thought for a long time that that was all that chiropractors treated, which, of course, is far from the truth. True is, however, that your Mesa chiropractor can offer efficient treatment options if you are suffering from whiplash.

Our Mesa car accident chiropractors has been helping patients for many years to get rid of muscle and joint pains, reduce stress, and also help with whiplash. Additionally, a chiropractic adjustment is beneficial for everyone, not just those suffering from whiplash or any other type of injury. To learn more about our Mesa chiropractic treatments for whiplash and other short or long term pain conditions, read on. And if you have any questions, contact us, we are always happy to help.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is one of those terms everybody has heard of, but unless you have suffered from it yourself, you can probably not explain what exactly it is. Whiplash refers to neck muscles that have been injured because of a fast forward and backward motion such as you would encounter when you are in a car accident, suddenly have to hit your brakes very hard or other types of trauma. As a result you may suffer from acute short term pain as well as experience a limited range of motion. Other common signs of whiplash can include headaches, upper back & neck pain, numbness/tingling in your arms,difficulty swallowing, nausea, muscle spasms, dizziness, and blurred vision. Your Mesa chiropractor can evaluate for signs of whiplash and devise a treatment plan.

Our Auto Accident Chiropractor

After an auto accident in Mesa, you may have difficulty function normally due to pain and stress. Maybe you are dealing with whiplash pain, muscle spasms, soft tissue pain and other types of injuries. Your chiropractor can help you to make sense of the discomfort you are feeling and educate you about all aspects of your condition. Sometimes, whiplash does not appear immediately after the accident, but may take a few days to fully develop or maybe you are so busy, you don’t even notice the physical pain you may be dealing with. In any case, it is always advisable to get examined by a chiropractic practitioner after a Mesa car accident. By examining your posture, spinal alignment and maybe even with the help of x-rays, can we determine the severity of your whiplash after an accident.

Whiplash & Auto Accident Chiropractic Treatments

Maybe you are hesitant to seek the help of an East Mesa chiropractor after an accident because you are worried that all he or she will do is to “crack your back” and make matters worse. But whiplash treatment is always custom tailored to the extend of the pain and damage. This means that in the early treatment stages your chiropractor may use gentle manual therapy and stretching to help loosen tight neck muscles and then later will move towards manual and instrumental manipulation and spinal adjustments if indicated. Often, the use of ultrasound and interferential electrical stimulation can help to reduce pain and inflammation as well. Mesa whiplash treatment is tremendously beneficial and can help you heal faster and prevent a drawn-out recovery period.

We understand that you have a lot on your mind after you have been in a car accident, but by tending to your physical needs and reducing pain, you will find inner balance and are better equipped to deal with everything else that is going on in this challenging time.

At BodyWorkz in Mesa, Arizona, our team has provided chiropractic care for countless patients experiencing whiplash. Call today to receive the care you need and to learn how our Mesa chiropractors can help reduce pain.

If you have been in a car accident in Mesa or surrounding communities and are dealing with whiplash pain or other physical discomfort, please don’t wait. Contact your chiropractic and wellness team at BodyWorkz today and see how we can help you with a chiropractic alignment.

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