Arizona Chiropractic Services

Our Arizona chiropractors will perform a comprehensive history and physical examination to determine your diagnosis and identify what is causing your symptoms. Chiropractic treats the cause of pain, stiffness and dysfunction by restoring balance, alignment and function of your spinal joints.

Spinal joints that are not working properly irritate and inflame the surrounding structures, like discs and nerves, which send signals to your brain that there is a problem. In return, nerve signals are sent to muscles, which cause spasm and soreness. Pain is the result. Stiffness, numbness and tingling are other symptoms of spinal joint dysfunction and these symptoms can travel to other areas, like down into your shoulders, hips and even to your hands and feet.

Chiropractic treatments in Mesa, AZ, will address the direct cause of pain and other symptoms, instead of masking the underlying problem with drugs that may be adversely affecting your overall health and wellness.

Conditions Treated

Our Gilbert Arizona chiropractors provide services to treat a number of conditions, such as: Headaches, TMJ, Neck Pain, Shoulder, Arm or Hand Pain, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, Low Back Pain, Disc Problems, Sciatica, Hip, Knee or Foot Pain, Sports Injuries, Whiplash, Scoliosis, Muscle Spasms & More.

Instrument Adjusting

Our acupuncturists local in Arizona use the Impulse IQ adjusting instrument. This electronic, computerized instrument is twice as fast as other Mesa chiropractic adjusting instruments and is 100 times faster than a manual chiropractic adjustment. This makes it faster than the body’s tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment which makes it very effective.

The force of the instrument is controlled for different parts of the body and for different patients of all ages, including the elderly, osteoporotic and young children. Because of the computerization of the instrument, it will adapt to change the frequency of the thrust based on the stiffness of the spinal segment being treated. That way there is no over adjusting in one area.

Many years of research and development have been used in making the Impulse IQ safe and effective for all patients. The Impulse IQ is made right here in Chandler, Arizona and is patented and FDA registered. Made in the USA!

For more information on the Impulse IQ, visit the Go Impulse website at