Mesa Chiropractic Treatment For Foot and Ankle Pain

Mesa Chiropractic Treatment For Foot and Ankle Pain

BodyWorkz in Mesa Arizona offers chiropractic treatment for ankle and foot pain, in addition to many other ailments. Throughout the day you may find yourself wanting to sit down more or having aching feet at the end of a long day. No longer do you have to endure the pain associated with foot or ankle issues, because BodyWorkz is here for your foot pain relief. Chiropractic has been proven to help solve an array of pain and sources of, being one of the top body work therapies available. BodyWorkz offers every therapy, from massage to acupuncture to chiropractic.

You probably haven’t taken a minute to think about how hard your feet work to support you, but every day they get more of the grunt work than anything. We depend on our ankles and feet to get us where we want to be, hold us upright and carry our weight day in and day out. It’s no wonder that you might find yourself wondering how to prevent certain issues or fix what is already there.

Our team of Mesa chiropractors will do everything we can to find the problem, including doing an examination of how you walk, where the most pressure is coming from, your posture, and if you tend to pronate when you walk. (Placing more weight on one side of your foot, which can lead to many other issues).

What are the signs that I should see a chiropractor?

Although you may have recovered from the pain of an accident, twisting your ankle or worse can cause irreparable damage that may cause stress or pain to the rest of your body. Many ankle issues are due to rolling it, whether that happens walking on flat ground or playing sports. Wearing your favorite heels and misjudging the distance off of a curb can become a much bigger problem 4 to 6 weeks down the road.

If you’ve suffered from any minor injuries that are now resurfacing or manifesting as severe pain, chiropractic treatment for your ankle pain may be the answer. Depending on what the initial visit educated the doctor about your condition, re-stabilizing the foot and ankle, especially since it is the main postural foundation for your entire body, may be the route to go.

While home remedies suggest the use of orthotics to help your feet maintain their structural and functional balance as you stand, walk or run, this doesn’t always help the way adjustments from your Mesa chiropractor can.

A chiropractor will align the bones in your foot, stabilize the muscles and ligaments surrounding the ankle and physically move the bones in your feet so that you can stand, walk and run on even footing.

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Ankle and foot pain, explained.

Mesa Chiropractic Treatments for Foot & Ankle Pain | Bodyworkz

  • 4-6 weeks: the amount of time it can take to recover from an ankle or foot injury.
  • Swelling and bruising: major indicators that the ankle and/or foot have not healed properly or that there is a bigger issue.
  • Referred pain: issues from the knee, back or other postural factors can cause ankle/foot pain and therefore your need for chiropractic foot pain relief.
  • Repeated traumas: walking (or running, jogging or playing) on an already unstable ankle and/or foot basically guarantees that it will happen again, adding more and more pain to the issue.

Pronation is another issue altogether, usually caused by a weakness in either the foot or calf muscle which leads to bunions, hammer toes and widening of the forefoot – all of which can be extremely painful and cause much discomfort. As a result of instability, this is all the more reason to allow a chiropractor to rehabilitate and treat ankle pain through adjustments. Over 25% of the bones in our bodies are in the feet, and need to be handled with care (and often, professionally).

The team at BodyWorkz is skilled at foot pain relief and the treatment of foot and ankle pain through chiropractic care. With so much pressure on our feet and ankles each day it is our goal to get you dancing out the door, pain free.