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Chiropractor for Mesa Sports Injuries at BodyWorkzMesa’s over 300 days of annual sunshine give those who enjoy outdoor sports plenty of time to do so. No matter if you enjoy hiking the nearby mountains, like to ride your bike on trails through the Sonoran desert or are meeting your coworkers to shoot some hoops after work, staying fit and active is great fun. But it also gives you a lot of opportunity to get injured. Of course, being careful and properly warming up before any physical activity is a great way to prevent serious injuries, but sometimes you may get injured or hurt despite your best efforts.

Luckily you have your Mesa chiropractor on your side. Our sports chiropractors with BodyWorkz in Mesa has years of experience in treating patients dealing with sports injuries. No matter if you are a recreational athlete or a professional, injuries happen. But by seeking swift and competent chiropractic care can help minimize your downtime and get you back on the road, the track or the court faster.

Common Sport Injuries

The top injuries that are contracted during physical exercise are strains and sprains, knee injuries, shin splints, fractures, and dislocations. Strains (also known as “pulled muscles”) are often caused by lack of flexibility and insufficient warm-up. Knee injuries can range from a rather mild runner’s knee (and not only runners get these) to bruised/damaged cartilage or ligaments. Shin splints may develop due to running on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, in running shoes that don’t fit properly or that are not supportive enough or because the runner has not warmed up sufficiently. Mesa athletes may deal with fractures or broken bones because of repeated and prolonged stress on certain bones, or due to a fall eg. When bones are forcefully pushed out of alignment in their joints, then you are dealing with a painful dislocation, but no worries, a Mesa chiropractic adjustment can alleviate pain associated with most sports injuries.

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Massage Therapy For Athletes

Massage Therapy Services For Mesa AZ Athletes Another fantastic treatment for Mesa athletes dealing with sports injuries, or those who are just looking for a way to relax and increase flexibility is a massage treatment. Deep tissue massages executed by our talented and licensed Mesa massage therapists can help to break up scar tissue and help speed up the healing process while also increase flexibility. And did you know that massage can help dilate blood vessels which in turn allows for better blood flow. Better blood flow means more oxygen for your body and also better waste removal, both of which are essential for a great physical performance. Sports massage treatments differ from your average “spa massage” insofar that you probably won’t be relaxed throughout the session, as sports and deep tissue massages are designed to work out tension and “knotty” parts from your muscles. Chances are, you may feel a bit sore after the massage, which will soon yield deeper relaxation and less pain.

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

There are many different ways your chiropractor can help you to heal faster and to alleviate the pain associated with your Mesa sports injury. For strains and sprains, for example, we can do electrotherapy, help you stretch to increase flexibility and perform chiropractic adjustments to assist you with tightness in your joints and we can also help to break up scar tissue. A chiropractor experienced in treating Mesa sports injuries can also adjust your spine in a manner that increases range of motion in affected areas and reduces stress on joints and muscles. Many times, sports stress injuries stem from improper alignment of the spine which can cause stress to not be evenly distributed across the body, which can lead to injuries such as runner’s knee among others. There are many gentle ways that a chiropractor can help you heal and none of them involved pain killers. If you are dealing with sports injury-related pain, give us a call today.

Regardless if you are weekend athlete or a full professional, you will get hurt. And when you do it pays to have a team at hand that can help you to get back in the game fast and promote optimized healing in the meantime. BodyWorkz is Mesa’s premier destination for those in need of sports injury treatments and prevention.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive health and wellness services or to schedule your initial consultation. We are looking forward to helping you to be the fittest you have been.

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