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Often, it happens slowly over time. You wake up in the morning and maybe your glutes are feeling tight and sore, or you have a tingling sensation in your leg. Either way, hip problems may not be the first thing on your mind. But fact is that our hips are doing a lot of work, every day. They help us to walk smoothly, stand upright, dance, sit, carry weight and much more. They are the workhorse of all the core work we do. When babies learn to sit up, they don’t do this with the help of their abdominal muscles, but with aid of their hips.

So it is easy to see why our Mesa patients consider hip pain to be a condition that is not only very painful, but also very limiting. And while transitional school medicine may want to haste you into hip surgery or even replacement, a well-trained and experienced chiropractor can assist you in alleviating or even eliminating hip pain. Our Mesa hip pain chiropractors have helped countless hip pain patients here at BodyWorkz in Mesa, AZ.

How Does Hip Pain Occur?

As indicated above, hip pain may develop due to repetitive motion or exercises such as cycling or running. Aside from these overuse injuries, inflammation is also a common culprit of hip pain. Other causes include osteoarthritis and inflammatory diseases, which occur mainly in older patients. Osteoarthritis is used to describe cartilage loss and joint degeneration. Inflammatory disease include rheumatoid arthritis, for example, and while there is no way to cure either, chiropractic care in Mesa can be greatly beneficial in slowing these processes down and also reducing pain for our patients. Sometimes, what is perceived as hip pain is referred pain from another condition such as a hernia, sciatica or even a bulging disc.

Helpful Hip Pain Relief Exercises

Our chiropractic team can help get rid of hip pain in Mesa today!There is a multitude of hip pain relief exercises you can do at home to complement your chiropractic treatment. Some great exercises that are borrowed from yoga include child’s pose, bridge pose, cobbler’s/bound angel pose or one-legged pigeon. To experience pain relief to you don’t have to do every exercise as deep as an experienced yogi would. It is important to only do as much as you can to feel the initial stretch. The benefit of exercising lies not in muscling into a pose but by properly aligning it. Additionally, exercising in warm water, stretching and walking can be very beneficial as well. Of course, if you are overweight, losing some weight can be a great way to decrease hip pain as is skipping high impact exercises such as running or jogging.

Contact the BodyWorkz team today and learn how we can assist you in lessening your hip pain with chiropractic treatments, acupuncture and massage therapy. Our Mesa practitioners work hand in hand to give you the best care possible and make you pain free faster.

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No matter what the cause for your Mesa hip pain may be, fact is, you don’t have to live with it. Chiropractic alignments are a great way to reduce or even heal hip pain. Stretching, massage and alignment treatments are designs to reduce inflammation, strengthen muscles, increase mobility and relieve muscle spasms. A chiropractic adjustment from your Mesa AZ chiropractor may be the best way to be pain free and avoid surgery altogether. Your chiropractor will adjust the treatment based on the cause of your hip pain and other factors such as age, physique and more. Studies show that the majority of hip pain patients have experienced a significant reduction of hip pain after having undergone chiropractic treatments in Mesa.

You are never too young or too old to benefit from Mesa chiropractic care. We invite you to come and meet our team and learn everything about our health and wellness services. Chiropractic care is suitable for professional athletes, those who spend long days hunched over at a computer and everybody in between.