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Do you feel tired and exhausted at the end of your day? Achy and stiff? Lacking energy? Today’s fast paced world along with long hours in front of the computer are often to blame. Additionally, it is often hard to find time for yourself let only for the self-care that you need. However, if one area of your party is out of sync, the entire body is. A bad posture can lead to shortness of breath, headaches and neck pain. Stress can lead to depression and trouble sleeping. Everything in our body works together and if one piece is broken, the others cannot make up for it.

Bodyworkz offers a holistic approach to bodily dysfunctions through services such as chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and acupuncture therapy. These treatments are designed to make your body and mind function at their best by facilitating proper energy flow and enhance the overall well-being. If you are an East Mesa resident and have been feeling “off” track and stressed as of late, contact our office to schedule your appointment.

Our East Mesa Chiropractor

Our East Mesa chiropractors have extensive training and experience in administering chiropractic treatments such as instrumental or manual manipulations. By taking into account the medical history of her patients and by conducting a thorough physical examination, your chiropractor will devise the ideal treatment plan for East Mesa clients. Her chiropractic treatments are effective in reducing stress on the spine and improving pain-causing conditions. Another benefits is increased mobility and flexibility as the “blockages” are being released.

East Mesa Chiropractic Treatments

East Mesa chiropractic adjustments are used to successfully treat conditions such as chronic back pain, headaches, migraines but also whiplash and other auto injuries. Why spinal adjustments? – Vertebrae that do not function properly or have movement patterns that are abnormal are manipulated (or adjusted) by a chiropractor. This will improve mobility and reduce related nerve irritation. A healthy spine is the basis for a properly functioning body. And a properly functioning body, is a body that feels well.

Individualized Chiropractic Care

Bodyworkz is proud to offer individualized chiropractic care to East Mesa clients. No matter if you are currently suffering from lower back pain or are looking for a capable chiropractor who can perform maintenance adjustments to keep you feeling well, Our Mesa chiropractor team can help you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals. We understand that every patient comes with her own set of conditions and needs. We strive to offer comprehensive, alternative manipulative services to improve your overall well-being.

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Regardless if you are looking to get a relaxing massage or are interested in acupuncture treatments to assist you with pain management, here at Bodyworkz you are truly in caring and competent hands. Our therapists have extensive experience and keep abreast of current research and techniques. ‘

Call us today to schedule your East Mesa chiropractic treatment that will finally put an end to that whiplash pain or a massage that will help you to face your next 10K with relaxed muscles. There are so many benefits in manipulative treatments-come and check us out and see for yourself.

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