Coronavirus (COVID-19) BodyWorkz Update

Dear Patients;

We are writing to inform you that BodyWorkz will remain open this week. We will be taking every precaution possible to ensure that the office is sanitized to decrease the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Although we pride ourselves on a cleanly office, we will also be using extra measures such as wiping all surfaces, including door handles, tables, counters, tablets and chairs throughout the day. We will also be providing hand sanitizer for your use anytime during your visit. Our practitioners will be using hand sanitizer or hand washing between every patient or massage client.

We ask that if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 such as coughing and/or fever or if you have been exposed to anyone with such symptoms that you will refrain from going out in public and will please reschedule. We will not be charging for missed appointments without 24 hour advanced notice during these challenging times, we only ask that you notify us.

We are committed to the well-being of our patients and supporting our community. If you feel that recent business and school closures are causing you a financial hardship ex. teachers or anyone who will be working fewer hours due to containment of this outbreak, BodyWorkz will be offering discounted rates so that you may continue care. Remember, you have been benefiting from health and wellness due to your chiropractic, acupuncture and massage visits all along and we don’t want your care to be interrupted during a crisis.

Aside from hand washing and avoiding touching your face, please be advised of these helpful tips…

  1. Stay calm- stress will weaken your immune system
  2. Stay home – if you have a cough and/or fever
  3. Get quality sleep – increasing your natural ability to increase melatonin by avoiding screen time at night and going to bed by 10pm, increases your immune function
  4. Get sunlight! Our best free source of Vitamin D which increases immunity
  5. Eat anti-inflammatory whole foods, increase your intake of Vitamin C, zinc and elderberry. Increase your water intake.
  6. Practice Positivity – when you speak positive words and do positive things you will start to think positively.
  7. Please be kind and loving to others and help someone in your community less fortunate than you.

We will get through this together!

Your friends at BodyWorkz

March 24th, 2020Services

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