Comparing the Benefits: Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Adjustments

Both massage and chiropractic care are often recommended for the relief of back pain in Mesa. However, these treatments are not interchangeable, meaning that you cannot get whichever one you prefer and expect the same results. And, depending on what is causing your back pain, one of these treatments may be more appropriate than the other. It is important that you understand the difference between massage therapy and chiropractic care so you can make the appropriate choice.

Comparing the benefits: massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments

Here’s a look at some of the different benefits and considerations for visiting a massage therapist or a chiropractic clinic:

Focus of Treatment

A chiropractor treats the entire spine and musculoskeletal system

Many people seek out a Mesa massage therapist when they have tension in their muscles. Massage therapy smooths out the knots in the muscles and releases some of that tension, which can also relieve some of your stress. Many people go to a massage therapist to relax and just to feel a bit more calm and comfortable.

A chiropractor has a broader scope of practice. A chiropractor provides a series of spinal adjustments to get your spine back in alignment and relieve pressure on vertebrae, nerves, and muscles. This pressure can cause quite a lot of pain. A chiropractor may massage your muscles lightly to relieve tension and ensure the success of the adjustment.

The primary difference between a chiropractor and a massage therapist is that a chiropractor treats the entire spine and musculoskeletal system, while a massage therapist focuses exclusively on the muscles.


Educated chiropractors in Mesa

Mesa chiropractors have far more education than a massage therapist. A chiropractor has to complete a four-year undergraduate degree and then must finish a four-year doctorate of chiropractic program. During their education, chiropractors also have to complete a residency program that includes hands-on training, pass several board exams, and pass certification tests. Their education includes instruction in physics, anatomy, biology, chemistry, and more.

Massage therapists attend a specialty training program that typically consists of around 500 hours of instruction. They do not have to complete a college education, and they do not receive advanced instruction in the physical or biological sciences.

Deciding Which You Need

If you are experiencing a lot of stress or just need to relax and treat yourself, you should head to a massage therapist. You can go in once a month or more to keep stress at bay and to treat yourself.

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However, if you have more serious complaints, such as back pain, neck or shoulder pain, frequent headaches, or even TMJ, you may get more benefits from chiropractic care. Your spine and back muscles impact a lot of other systems in your body. Getting your spine back in alignment can relieve pressure on your discs or nerves, improve circulation, and ensure that your body operates correctly. The nervous system needs clear pathways for the brain to communicate with the body, and you need healthy circulation to ensure that all parts of your body get the appropriate blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Chiropractic care can clear communication for the nervous system and promote healthy circulation.

How Massage and Chiropractic Care Complement One Another

Combine each therapy and enhance the benefits

Tense muscles can pull on the spine and cause it to shift out of alignment. Conversely, a misaligned spine can pull on muscles and cause them to become sore and tense. Seeing a massage therapist can reduce tension and protect the health and alignment of the spine. Seeing a chiropractic can ensure your spine stays in alignment and reduces tension on the muscles.

You can enhance the benefits that you get from each therapy by having them together.

If you have back pain, consider whether seeing a massage therapist or a chiropractor would be better to treat your systems. If you are unsure, consider talking to your doctor or going to a chiropractic clinic for an evaluation.

In Arizona, My Body Workz offers both massage therapy and chiropractic care. Our trained specialists can help whether you are interested in relaxing after a stressful period at work or if you are in search of relief from chronic back pain. Our specialists will evaluate you to determine if you would best be served by chiropractic care in Mesa or massage. They will then develop a plan of care for you to get the maximum benefits. Contact us in Arizona today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment with a specialist.

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