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The beautiful area in the heart of Arizona has much to offer to visitors and residents alike. From great outdoor sports opportunities, cultural events and great places to work or relax, whatever you want to do, you can do it here. Depending on your line of work or choice of recreational activities you may experience some body aches such as back pain from lifting heavy items, neck pain from sitting hunched over at a desk all day or sports injuries such as knee and joint pain from running. No matter what pain you are dealing with or what causes it, BodyWorkz in Mesa can help.

BodyWorkz has provided many patients from ZIP code 85234 with pain relief through chiropractic adjustments or medical acupuncture treatments. BodyWorkz focuses on helping patients with pain relief from injuries, chronic conditions or even stress.

By offering a holistic health care approach, we are able to balance mind and body, which need to be in harmony for the body to be at its best. Let the BodyWorkz team assist you on your physical and spiritual journey to well-being with effective chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Our Chiropractic Services in 85234

Patients residing in ZIP code 85234 and who are suffering from sciatica, carpal tunnel, neck and headache pain, text neck, or are recovering from a knee injury, can find pain relief with a chiropractic adjustment performed at BodyWorkz. By utilizing instrumental and manual alignment techniques, our 85234 chiropractors assist patients to achieve proper spinal alignment. If the spine is not properly aligned, vertebrae may have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function properly; as a result they are causing pain and restrict movement. An adjustment from your 85234 chiropractor can reduce nerve irritation, increase range of motion and significantly reduce aches and pain. Make pain a thing of the past!

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Acupuncture Treatments 85234

Have you always wanted to try out acupuncture, but have been too afraid to go for it? BodyWorkz now offers medical acupuncture treatments in 85234 and surrounding areas. Acupuncture, which is an old Chinese form of alternative medicine, is mainly used for pain relief, but has also shown great promise in reducing anxiety, depression, aiding with weight loss and more. An experienced acupuncturist generally performs the treatment without causing any pain, and if needles just aren’t your thing- we have teisheins (tapping needles that don’t puncture your skin), as well. Come and learn more how acupuncture can reduce your chronic pain today and give us a call.

Massage Therapy 85234

85234 Massage Therapy Treatments Available At BodyWorkz It is always the right time to book a luxurious massage treatment with our experienced massage therapists. No matter if you are dealing with a sports injury, muscle tension due to work or are just trying to leave your everyday life behind for an hour, a massage treatment is just the ticket. BodyWorkz proudly offers a variety of massage treatments ranging from traditional Swedish massage, very relaxing Hot Stone massage treatments to NMT (neuromuscular therapy), which is especially effective in alleviating pain associated with carpal tunnel, sciatica, migraines, TMJ dysfunction and other painful conditions. Start feeling better today with our soothing massage therapy treatment options.

Our team of Mesa 85234 massage therapists are excited to assist you on your journey to wellness and well-being. No matter if you suffer from stress, chronic pain, injuries stemming from sports or accidents, we are here to help. After a thorough initial physical assessment, we can devise the best treatment plan for your health and wellness goals. By offering comprehensive holistic health care in Arizona 85234, we can address issues of the entire body. Our therapists work hand in hand to achieve the best possible outcome.

Neither should you, nor do you have to live in pain. Contact BodyWorkz today to learn more about our services or to schedule your initial appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you.