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As beautiful and fun life can be in Mesa, it can also take a toll on your body. At the end of a long work day, you may very well suffer from neck pain, tension headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel or a multitude of other work related issues. Because quitting your job is not usually an option, BodyWorkz in Mesa can assist you in reducing or even eliminating physical pain stemming from long hours at work or from sports performances and even accidents.

If you live in Mesa’s Zip code 85205 area and you are suffering from carpal tunnel, sciatica, lower back pain, upper back pain, migraines, stress or any other of the many common diseases that our stressful days cause us, contact the team at BodyWorkz today. Through chiropractic adjustments, medical massage therapy or acupuncture treatments, we have helped many patients who thought there was no solution for their pain. Our holistic approach to pain treatment and wellness, can help when “traditional” pain medication has failed you. One thing is for certain: you do not have to live in pain.

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While chiropractic treatments are nothing new, many Mesa residents are hesitant to get one, because they are uncertain of how exactly they work or what they are good for. Our experienced Mesa 85205 chiropractors have helped many Mesa 85205 patients who were suffering from chronic pains, tension or just felt “off”. By properly aligning the spine, she allows the vertebrae to function properly which in turn reduces stress on muscles, decreases nerve irritation and increases range of motion. A Mesa chiropractic alignment can be a great way to find pain relief when pain medication failed. No matter if you are dealing with headaches, migraines, back pain or any other discomfort, a chiropractic treatment may just be the solution you have been looking for.

Acupuncture Treatments 85205

Acupuncture is not only an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine, but also highly effective in relieving stress, headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and even insomnia. By inserting thin needles at certain points of your body, your acupuncturist can restore proper energy flow. Acupuncture in Mesa 85205 doesn’t hurt, but if the thought of needles makes you feel uneasy, you can always opt for a tapping needle (theishein) acupuncture treatment which will not puncture your skin and is just as effective. Our 85205 acupuncturists are fellows of the of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture and board certified to practice acupuncture in Arizona. If you would like to experience what acupuncture can do for you or to learn more, contact BodyWorkz in Mesa today to get started.

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Professional acupuncture treatments available in Mesa 85205Massage therapy in Mesa 85205 is not only relaxing, but healing as well. Medical Massage Therapy can assist in alleviating muscle tension, chronic pain and speed up the body’s healing process. All of our massage therapists are licensed by the state of Arizona and have extensive experience. We offer luxurious Hot Stone Massages to help you relax after a busy week at work, traditional Swedish Massages to alleviate tension and even NMT (Neuromuscular therapy). NMT focuses on maintaining the balance between the muscoloskeletal system and the nervous system which results in long-term healing and pain reduction. It can help tremendously if you are suffering from TMJ dysfunction, migraines, rotator cuff syndrome, sciatica and many other conditions. Contact us today to learn more.

Start feeling better today with the comprehensive health and wellness therapies offered here at BodyWorkz. No matter if you are suffering from lower back pain due to sitting in a car all day, or have knee problems from training for your next marathon, we can help. Our therapists work together to ensure that you meet your personal health and wellness goals. Say goodbye to pain and hello to feeling fine.

To learn more about our Mesa 85205 chiropractic treatments, acupuncture therapy or to schedule a massage treatment, contact us today. We are excited to meet you and help you feeling better.

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