6 Reasons to Get a Mesa Massage Treatment this Holiday Season

8 Reasons to Get a Mesa Massage Treatment this Holiday Season

Enjoy the benefits of getting a massage during the holidays!

Here are the six top reasons to get a massage treatment this holiday season!

Aaahhh … a nice massage. It’s a great way to relieve the tension in your muscles and to relieve your stress. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly tense, a massage just feels good. You just lie there on the table while someone rubs your tired muscles with soothing oils. What a wonderful way to end the day!

There are many great reasons to see a massage therapist besides stress relief. Mesa massage therapy can help treat a number of health issues, including chronic pain and digestive upset. You can also see a Mesa chiropractor to ensure proper alignment of your spine and maximize the benefits.

The holidays are the perfect time to get a massage. Here are the six top reasons to get a massage treatment this holiday season:

1. You’re Dealing with Family Drama

Holidays have a way of bringing out the worst in everyone. Your mom will probably take this time to harass you about why you’re not married yet (or why you don’t have a baby yet). Your dad will probably grill you about your job. Your sister will engage in that subtle competition that she always does. Your uncle will probably get drunk and make rude comments at dinner. The list goes on. When family is stressing you out, a massage can help you feel better.

2. You’re Spending Time in Cramped Quarters

All of your problems are amplified when you’re piled into a tiny home with all your family. Even the best families will be tried when they are gathered together in a small home. After you are pushed to your breaking point at your holiday dinner, head in for a session with a massage therapist to work out all the tension.

3. You’re Hosting a Large Family Dinner

Since you live in Mesa where the climate is relatively warm even during the winter, most of your family is likely to want to come to you for Christmas dinner. As the host, you are going to be responsible for helping people find places to stay (or putting them up in your guest room and on your couch), for planning out the dinner, for making everything, and for keeping everyone entertained and happy. Playing host is a lot of stress. Get a massage to help you feel better after it’s all said and done. You’ve earned it!

4. You Have a Gift Certificate from Last Christmas

Relaxing Mesa Holiday Massage Therapy Session

A certificate for a half hour or hour of massage therapy is a popular gift. You may have received a gift certificate from last Christmas or another special occasion, but you may not have had time to use it thanks to your busy schedule. Now is the perfect time to get out that gift certificate and make an appointment. Not only can you treat yourself to some stress relief when you need it most, but you can also use the gift certificate before it expires.

5. No One Gives You a Massage Certificate

Alternately, you may be waiting to see if you get a gift certificate for massage therapy to make your appointment. If you don’t get one, go ahead and treat yourself to a session instead. You’ve gotten something special for everyone else on your list — why not get yourself something special, too?

6. Muscles Get Tight When the Temperatures Drop

Know how you have to warm up before you start exercising? That’s because your muscles contract when they are cold, and warming up helps to make the muscles more lithe so that you don’t injure yourself. Now think about how cold and tense your muscles are during the winter when the temperatures are much colder. Massage therapy in Mesa can warm up and loosen the tight, tense muscles in your neck, back and shoulders.

Massage therapy doesn’t just relieve stress. It also helps to lower your blood pressure, relieve tension, and relieve pain. Regular visits to a Mesa massage therapist can help you keep stress at a minimum and can help treat other health conditions. Body Workz in Mesa offers an extensive menu of massage therapy services, as well as care from a chiropractor and Mesa acupuncturist. You can schedule an individual service or can combine treatments to maximize the benefits. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment. You’ll get the relief you need to make it through the busy and stressful holidays!

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