How Mesa Acupuncture can Relieve Cold Hands and Feet this Winter

How Mesa Acupuncture can Relieve Cold Hands and Feet this Winter

How Mesa Acupuncture can Relieve Cold Hands and Feet this Winter!

Here are some ways how acupuncture can help with cold hands and feet this winter!
Mesa, Arizona

Have you always been one of those people who has cold hands and feet? It may not have caused a problem at all. You could just use it as a party trick to shock people senseless when you put your hands on their faces unexpectedly. But now that temperatures are dropping, your cold hands and feet will add to the overall chill you are feeling, and no amount of gloves or fuzzy socks will help.

There are a number of reasons why you might have cold hands and feet. Some people are just naturally less tolerant to the cold. Others experience cold hands and feet when they are under stress. When you experience stress, your body conserves energy to keep heat near vital organs, like the heart. You don’t have to even feel particularly stressed out. Even stressful situations like getting stuck in traffic or being in a rush to get ready for a date can cause the stress response in your body. The cumulative effect of those smaller stressful situations can have a big impact on your body.

Some health conditions can also cause cold hands and feet, such as Raynaud’s Phenomenon. This condition involves the constriction of the small blood vessels when the body is stressed or it is exposed to cold. The condition causes the extremities to become very cold and to change color; it can also cause severe pain. The condition is rare, and it can be treated with medicines that open up the blood vessels.

Treatment for Cold Hands and Feet

Most people don’t consider having cold hands or feet as a serious medical problem, so they don’t talk to their doctor about it. Even if they do, their doctors may not think it a serious issue either and will just recommend that they just wear gloves or find other ways to stay warm.

However, having cold hands and feet can be indicative of a larger health problem, and it can be uncomfortable and distressing even if it’s not related to other health issues.

Mesa acupuncture treatments can provide the relief you need if you are experiencing cold hands and feet.

You might not have thought of acupuncture treatments for this problem. After all, acupuncture is usually used for pain management, and you might be skeptical about how needles poking your skin will do anything to warm it up.

Acupuncture does involve the use of tiny needles along the energy pathways on your body. The way it helps with cold hands and feet, and the reason it is effective for treating many other health issues, is that the needles help to balance the energy flow in the body. Acupuncture encourages increased blood flow around the hands and feet, which helps them to stay warm and comfortable. You may need several acupuncture treatments to get the results you need, depending on how out of balance your body is.

In addition to acupuncture, you can visit a Mesa chiropractor to get spinal adjustments that further help get the body back in balance. Our Mesa chiropractic clinic has an acupuncture chiropractor who can combine the treatments, helping you get the maximum benefits.

Other Treatments

Mesa Acupuncture TreatmentsIn addition to getting acupuncture treatments or to seeing an acupuncture chiropractor, you can try a few other treatments to enhance your results. You can take ginger or gingko biloba to promote healthy circulation. You can eat the ginger plain or in dishes, or you can steep thin slices of it in a tea. You can also find capsules of ginger and gingko biloba at health stores to take just like daily vitamins.

Engaging in regular exercise can also help you promote blood flow, as can quitting smoking. The more you do to get your blood flowing, the less likely you are to experience cold hands and feet.

Body Workz in Mesa offers a variety of acupuncture treatments and chiropractic care to treat cold hands and feet or other poor health conditions, such as chronic pain or digestive problems. We treat patients throughout Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler, and we develop individualized plans to address the specific issues that each patient is experiencing. We have a trained chiropractor on staff, as well as an acupuncture chiropractor who can combine treatments. Call us today to learn more.

December 22nd, 2015Acupuncture

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