Three Tips to Relieve Joint Pain in your Hands

When your hands ache, it’s difficult to be productive. We use them for almost everything we do, and they can sometimes take a beating if we don’t regularly care for them. They can become dry in Arizona, making the skin of your hands crack and blister. If you work in a job where frequent typing is involved, your joints can ache and it can turn your job into a nightmare. Finding chiropractic treatment for your arthritis can be difficult, but luckily, There are plenty of other ways that you can damage your hands, but here are a few tips to relieve the joint pain in your hands to get the most out of your most useful tool.

Three tips to relieve joint pain in hands with BodyWorkz in Arizona

If you have arthritis or carpal tunnel, you probably feel every single motion with your hands more intensely than the rest of us. This is a huge problem, because we can’t avoid using our hands altogether and taking a day to “rest them”. Giving your hands the proper care is essential to relieving the pain you feel on a daily basis whenever your hands are in use. Luckily, there are plenty of techniques you can use to care for your hands so that you aren’t in constant pain whenever you are using your hands.

The first technique you can use is the Carpal Effleurage. This is a Swedish massage that targets the carpals in your wrists. The carpals are the bones that reside in your wrists and they need care if you are to continue painless hand movements. Effleurage is a basic term in Swedish that refers to long, flowing strokes, similar to the ones performed up and down your back and arms. This technique is applied to the top of the hand and addresses each muscle individually to give the proper attention to everything in your hand. It stimulates circulation to relieve muscle tension and also promotes relaxation.

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The next technique that you can use to ease the pain in your hands is the coin rubbing technique. This is similar to the motions you would use when rubbing a coin between your fingers, and it is highly effective for decreasing hand and joint pain. This technique utilizes friction to increase the blood flow in your hands and fingers. With more blood flow, this will ease the joint pain that you so often feel. In addition to eased joint pain, more blood flow allows your fingers to bend and straighten without pain.

The next technique is the Palm Effleurage. This uses the same motions and pressure that the Carpal Effleurage uses, except it targets the palm area of your hand. This will be performed on your hand to take pressure off your carpal tunnel which will reduce the pain in your wrist and arm. Along with relaxing the muscles in your palm, this technique will stretch out the hand to oppose the grasping position that our hands are constantly in when we are typing at a keyboard, holding onto our phones and other items, and even when we are simply drinking a cup of coffee.

joint pain relief for hands with chiropractic care in MesaWhen you go in to get your hands taken care of and massaged thoroughly, you need to communicate the areas of pain to whoever is doing the massage. They won’t know what technique to use if you do not tell them which areas are the worst. If you frequent a keyboard, then you’ll probably find the most comfort in the Palm Effleurage. But the massage therapist won’t be able to help you without proper instruction as to where your pain is originating from and which areas hurt the most. So talk to your massage therapist in Mesa.

If you are looking for the best and most cost effective chiropractic arthritis treatment in Arizona, come to BodyWorkz, where we can help ease your arthritic pain and make sure you get the best use out of your hands. Dealing with arthritis can be painful and really discourage you from wanting to do your daily tasks. Don’t let the pain take you down. Come to BodyWorkz, and we can help you melt the pain away. Contact us for more information about our excellent chiropractic arthritis care in East Mesa, so you can be on your way to a normal life.

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