Chiropractic Care After A Car Accident

As if being involved in an accident isn’t bad enough on its own, the real hassle is the aftermath. While you have to run from A to Z contact insurance adjusters, the body shop or even a personal injury lawyer, odds are, you have suffered some kind of injury and pain is your constant companion. And while pain medication can be very helpful in making you at least temporarily forget about the pain, it is not a long-term fix.

Working with an experienced and trusted East Mesa chiropractor is your best course of action if you are dealing with injuries brought on by a fender bender or car accident.

Here are the conditions a chiropractor can help you with after a car accident:


Chiropractic Car After A Mesa Car Accident InjuryWhen you have been in a car accident in Mesa or surrounding communities, chances are that the force of impact did quite a number on your bones and/or muscles. Your neck is particularly vulnerable to injuries, regardless if your car was hit head on, or rear ended. While the remainder of your body is securely strapped against your seat with the help of your seat belt, your head and neck are free to continue to move while the rest of your body has already stopped with the car.

This in turn leads to hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries which may affect the soft tissues in the neck, but also joint capsules and interverte­bral discs. Because of the rapid back and forth movement, this injury is commonly referred to as whiplash. And while it may seem that a whiplash injury would present itself through the immediate onset of pain, it can take days, even weeks until you feel the aftereffects of your Mesa car accident.

Whiplash symptoms vary but usually include

  • pain or tingling in the arms
  • numbness
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • anxiety
  • jaw pain
  • and many others.

Just like the symptoms of whiplash vary, Mesa chiropractic treatments vary as well. After examining you with great care, your chiropractor will decide on the best course of action which may be temporary immobility to ensure that unstable joints won’t suffer any more damage. We advise that you move as little as possible in the days following your accident, because your body’s immediate response to any injury is inflammation and swelling and both are quite painful. You can reduce inflammatory pain with ice packs and rest.

If you consult a chiropractor during this early stages of post accident healing, she may be able to reduce pain and inflammation through ultrasound applications and gentles stretching.

To ensure the best recovery process contact your chiropractor in East Mesa to schedule an evaluation.

There a different ways your Mesa chiropractor can help your whiplash. Instrumental and manual manipulation are most often used to treat whiplash injuries. By properly aligning the spin,reducing stress on joint, your chiropractor can significantly increase range of motion while also decreasing inflammation and muscle spasms.

Chiropractic treatment is ideal for whiplash and other car accident injuries because it considers the bigger picture—your entire body. Your neck is not an isolated part of your body but works in conjunction with soft tissue, muscles, discs, and more. Thus, your Mesa chiropractor may work on your neck, but also on other parts of your body.

Joseph Benson, lead attorney at Benson & Bingham, highlights the importance of holistic approaches to car accident injuries. He notes, “Understanding the interconnectedness of the body’s systems is crucial not only for medical treatment but also for legal cases. Comprehensive care ensures that all injuries, seen and unseen, are accounted for, potentially increasing the effectiveness of claims and treatments.

Only if all these components work harmoniously and unrestricted together, will your pain go away.

This means that instead of slapping the proverbial band-aid in form of pain meds on your whiplash injury, your chiropractor makes sure that your body truly functions properly again.

After you have been in an accident

Acupuncture Therapy To Help With Mesa Whiplash Injuries We understand there is a lot to take care of and deal with after an accident or even minor fender bender, and while you may not experience pain immediately or think it was “only a slight collision”, you should never underestimate the effects it can have on your spine and overall health. While it can be hard to make time, when you are already busy with everything else that is going on, make time to check in with your local chiropractic care provider. We can make sure that your spine is well taken care of and that you won’t have any lasting damages to content with.

BodyWorkz in East Mesa has years of experience in treating accident victims for whiplash and other spinal injuries. All of our therapists work together to provide the best treatment for your individual situation which may include massage therapy and acupuncture therapy. All of our therapists in Mesa are licensed and have extensive experience in their respective field.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start feeling better. We can help with car accident injuries, upper back and neck pain, hip problems or just to keep you feeling at your best.

May 25th, 2016Car Accidents

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