What causes hip pain and how chiropractic treatment can alleviate it?

What Causes Hip Pain and how chiropractic treatment can alleviate it?Hip pain is not something seniors get. In fact, it can strike at any time and anyone. And while as with most pain conditions, pain medications such as ibuprofen are great at relieving pain, they usually do not fix the underlying issue or help the healing process along.

Working with an experienced and trusted East Mesa chiropractor is your best bet to experience fast hip pain relief Mesa and to prevent it from coming back as well. To better understand how a chiropractic adjustment can help ease pain it is essential to take a closer look at how hip pain happens and what you can do about it.

Here is everything you need to know about what causes hip pain and how chiropractic treatment can alleviate it:

Causes of hip pain can vary greatly depending on the patient’s age, lifestyle or overall health condition.


Overuse hip injuries such as bursitis and tendinitis are the most common non-traumatic injuries we come across on a daily basis. Bursitis comes from the term bursa which is a fluid filled “sac” that works as buffer and gliding aid between bodily tissues. When soft tissue, bones or joints rub excessively over the bursa, it becomes inflamed. And because the hip has two bursae, it a higher chance of getting bursitis. If your hip is already misaligned, the odds of contracting bursitis increase significantly (the same holds true for other misaligned body parts that put undue pressure on surrounding areas).

As with any other injury, those who suffer from bursitis of the hip in Mesa, try to compensate by using other parts of the body more, to lighten the load of the affected, painful area which in turn leads to more painful areas as the unnatural movements and weight distribution can cause misalignment and trauma in itself.

Your chiropractor in East Mesa has several ways to help you experience less pain and to heal faster. Depending on the severity of your bursitis he or she may massage the tissue, apply ultrasound of electric stimulations, gentle stretching, manual therapy, medical taping, re-align your entire body. All this will lead to a reduction of the inflammation, a better range of motion and ultimately better healing and faster recovery times.


If you are over 50 and are suffering from hip pain, you may be dealing with arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type, but others include rheumatoid arthritis ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis associated connected to inflammatory bowel disease.

While arthritis is mostly caused by “wear and tear” to weight bearing joints such as knees and hips, it can still be helped with Mesa chiropractic care. While we cannot reverse this degenerative joint disease, we are able to alleviate the pain that goes hand in hand with this condition by ensuring that your spine is properly aligned, joints work as well as they can, and by reducing stress on joints and muscles.


Hip trauma includes events such as dislocation or fractures. Hip fractures are often encountered in elderly patients as brittle bones stemming from conditions such as osteoporosis easily lead to falls and thus fractures. On the upside, these types of hip injuries are easy to diagnose with x-rays.

Of course, hip fractures can also happen in young Mesa patients caused by automotive or motorcycle accidents, for example.

However, a hip fracture may not always be that obvious at first. Common signs that can point to a “broken hip” are pain when stretching out your leg toes that are pointing outward and others.

Mesa chiropractic care can help to assure the hip is healing in proper alignment, pressure is distributed evenly and that the entire body works properly. Through gentle stretching and mobilization therapy, your chiropractor enables your muscles to relax and for you to regain a better range of motion.

Referred Hip Pain

Dr Janeen Wallace with BodyWorkz in Mesa has assisted many patients with hip pain reliefOftentimes, hip pain doesn’t even come from your hips, but originates in other parts of your body. This is what we called “referred hip pain”. Common causes of referred hip pain include hernias, sciatica or peripheral nerve inflammation that is often seen in pregnant women or those suffering from diabetes.

As with other hip pain conditions, having your Mesa AZ chiropractic practitioner adjust your spine and allow your joints to function properly can take off undue stress and improve mobility and thus reduce inflammation.

Other conditions

Of course, the above are not all of the conditions responsible for hip pain, but some of the most common ones. Other conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • inguinal hernia
  • sprains
  • strains
  • dislocations
  • rickets
  • and others

No matter how old you are, hip pain is never hip. Seek the help of an experienced Mesa chiropractic care provider to ensure you get the best treatment for your hip problems.

Dr Janeen Wallace with BodyWorkz in Mesa has assisted many patients in alleviating hip pain and speeding up recovery time after hip trauma injuries. To learn more about your chiropractic treatment options for hip pain, neck pain, lower back pain or sport injuries, contact us today.

June 7th, 2016Hip Pain

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