Allergies are considered conditions that happen when our immune system gets hypersensitive by something of the environment that does not cause any problems in some people. According to Wikipedia, some of the diseases that a person can obtain as an allergy are fever, food allergies, atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma and anaphylaxis, not mentioning anything else. If you ever start getting an allergy, you can confirm your suspicions by checking if your eyes start to get a red color, if you feel an itchy rash or if your nose starts to fill with a significant amount of mucus fluid. If you confirm that you have one, you need to seek an allergy relief as soon as possible in order to feel better. Some of this symptoms are more common in specific parts of the year primarily in Spring and Fall, in a large segment of the United States, including Arizona. One of the best and natural ways to eliminate an allergy in a fast manner, is by using the chiropractic care of acupuncture.

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History of Acupuncture:

It is considered a form of alternative medicine originated in China, around the year 100BC although some experts claim it comes from before that time, as indicated in Wikipedia. This comes from the belief that there is a life energy flowing through our body in pathways called meridians (paths through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows). Up do this date, science has not been able to prove that meridians actually exist; nonetheless, Chinese culture still maintains this as a true concept. Acupuncture works by inserting thin needles in specific points of your body called “acupuncture points”, aimed at restoring the flow of your energy to eliminate pain and other ailments like lower back pain, migraines, neck pain and even post-operation pain. It is also used as a chiropractic care for allergy reliefs.

Acupuncture Studies:

acupuncture studiesThe Charité University Medical Center made a study where they divided 422 persons in three groups. The first group received an acupuncture treatment in Mesa, the second group received “sham” acupuncture where needles are inserted on other random spots in your body, and the third group received regular allergy medicine. After the study ended, it was stated that the group that received acupuncture showed more allergy relief than the other two groups. After 4 months, when the researchers made a follow-up, they discovered that the difference between the effectiveness of the group that received the acupuncture and the group that received “sham” acupuncture was less noticeable. This means that at the long-term, they show almost the same results, but the acupuncture treatment for allergy relief is better as a short-term therapy.

In other research, The Charité University Medical Center indicates that there is actually evidence that support the claim where acupuncture is beneficial and cost-effective when applied alongside a regular treatment for rhinitis caused by season allergies. Even so, there are also some studies that shows that the effects from an acupuncture treatment are mainly caused by placebos where the recipient perceives an improvement in their condition due to personal expectations rather than the treatment itself; this is known as the placebo effect and it’s used generally in medical research.

Effects of bad Acupuncture:

effects of bad acupunctureAs you may know, acupuncture is safe as long as it is administered by an experienced chiropractor using sterile single-use needles. When this treatment is done in an improper way, it can cause bad effects on your body. If you have a spinal disease, such as cancer or an infection, we ask you to not seek acupuncture as it can worse your condition. On the condition that the procedure is done incorrectly by a chiropractor, acupuncture can cause severe psychiatric disorders and skin infections.

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March 23rd, 2017Acupuncture

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