Migraine, characterized by consecutive moderate-to-severe headaches in a pulsating nature, is a head disorder that affects one half of the head, lasting up to 72 hours. It can also induce nausea and some sensitivity on your senses. It is recommended to not do any physical activity while having a migraine because it can worse the pain, and then you would to take preventing measures, like contact a Mesa chiropractor. There are statistics stating that migraine appears more in women than in men, so gender can be considered a factor in the research about this type of headache. For migraine relief, it is recommended to take medication for nausea and an aspirin for the headache, then rest as much as you can until you feel better. If migraine persists for longs periods of time, ever after treatment, you can contact BodyWorkz if you are located in Arizona. Our chiropractors have been trained at the best massage therapy schools and are licensed and insured in every chiropractic care that we offer. Our therapists work closely with you on your treatment plan which expedites your healing process, making you end up feeling ever than ever!

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The treatment against migraines involves stretching and spine manipulation. This procedure can sound painful, but we guarantee it is the complete opposite and will alleviate whatever pain you have in your body. As preparation, there can be uses of x-ray scans and other exams to fully analyze how your spine is affecting your health. You will also receive advise on exercises, nutrition and stress management to prevent more issues and discomforts that may appear. Before looking for chiropractic care in Mesa, you need to inform your doctor about medications and health supplements that you are taking as chiropractic manipulation can interact with them. Also, we recommend to not seek a chiropractor if you suffer from osteoporosis, nerve damage or loss of strength in one of your extremities.

There are reports that most patients with migraine, besides strong headaches, had some cases of neck pain and nasal congestion. Besides all this, there can be triggers like stress, lack of sleep, and eating certain foods.

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Even that the causes of migraine are not fully understood, genetics plays a role in who gets migraine more than others; researchers state that the specific gene that affects the development of migraines has begun to be identified. DNA difference is not the main reason that makes you have migraine, instead, they just make your body function differently when you get one. Fact is, migraines are possible hereditary since most people with strong headaches report that they have family members with migraine. According to these reports, if at least one of your parents suffers from migraines, you are most likely to have one too. Stats indicate that a child having one parent with migraine has 50% of suffering from the same strong headache, but if both parents have migraines, the chance goes up to 75%.

Early research suggests that aura migraines and migraines without aura each have their own hereditary characteristics. Aura refers to short periods of visual disturbances which signals that a headache will occur soon, for example, vision loss in part of one or both eyes, seeing zigzag patterns, flashing lights, hallucinations in few cases, numbness, weakness, or even trouble finding words to speak. Aura appears gradually over minutes but they can last generally up to 60 minutes approximately.

woman with migraine needs chiropractic careThere are some ways to prevent migraine, like medicine which can reduce the frequency to get it by at least 50%. You can also prevent it with acupuncture and chiropractic care. There are two types of acupuncture, “True” acupuncture and sham acupuncture (a practice where needles are placed randomly), both being effective for migraine prevention.

Remember that, in Arizona, the licensed massage therapists at BodyWorkz can provide you with a multitude of massage therapy services in Mesa including Mesa acupuncture treatments (that has been used for over 5,000 years to treat pain and dysfunction in the body) and chiropractic care that treats stiffness by restoring balance, alignment and function of your spinal joints. Don’t hesitate to reach us with any question you have; we promise to leave you satisfied! Our customers keep coming back to request our services because we guarantee quality in everything that we offer.

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