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In today’s go-go-go world, stress rates are at an all-time high. Few of us are taking the time to care for ourselves through getting enough sleep each day, practicing a regular exercise routine, eating a healthy diet and finding time to relax. Most of us wake up in just enough time to grab a coffee and head out the door to work where we spend the majority of our days. At the end of the day, it’s time to take care of the house and the kids before it’s off to bed.

Over time, that stress can build up and lead to stiff muscles, chronic pain, fatigue and more. It can eat away at your health and your overall sense of well-being. At BodyWorkz, our health specialists strive to reverse the detrimental effects of stress and other toxic influences to help you feel your best. The medical professionals at BodyWorkz offer a complete line of health and wellness services in Gilbert, Arizona including massage, acupuncture & chiropractic care.

Chiropractic instrument adjustments with BodyWorkz in Gilbert AZ

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✓ Chiropractic Adjustments

✓ Acupuncture Treatments

✓ Therapeutic Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy

    Our massage therapy includes many different styles, such as Swedish and Myofascial, and our Gilbert massage therapists provide top-rated services. We also specialize in Hot Stone Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy which are great therapy option for greater muscle relief.

    Acupuncture Treatments

    Some of our acupuncture treatments in Gilbert include traditional methods with needling or with a teishein that does not puncture the skin. We also offer Electro-Meridian imaging, which helps our doctors evaluate which meridians are blocked, impeding the flow of energy and leading to pain and other dysfunctions in the body.

    Chiropractic Treatments

    Finally, our chiropractic treatments help to relieve pain in the back, neck, shoulder, arms and more, as well as helps to relieve issues such as chronic headache, sciatica, and TMJ. These treatments involve making adjustments to the spine to achieve alignment and relieve pressure on muscles and nerves.

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    Our Gilbert Services

    We also use instrument adjusting to implement the treatment before the body has a chance to tense up and become resistant. Chiropractic instrument adjusting is also preferred for those who are nervous about manual adjustments.

    Call BodyWorkz today to learn more about our services and to get the relief you need. We have been helping clients in Gilbert restore their health and their sense of mental well-being, and we are ready to help you as well.

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    Gilbert Chiropractic Services

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