How Mesa Chiropractic Adjustments can Ease Pregnancy Pain

How Mesa Chiropractic Adjustments can Ease Pregnancy Pain

How Mesa Chiropractic Adjustments can Ease Pregnancy Pain!

Here are a few ways that a chiropractor can help ease the pain you experience during pregnancy!
Mesa, Arizona

Pregnancy may be one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life, but it doesn’t always feel wonderful. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable. Besides the bloating and the nausea, many women experience chronic pain in their lower backs. The pain can spread to areas like the shoulders, hips, pelvis, and thighs, depending on how the woman’s center of gravity has shifted and how the baby is positioned.

Women gain an average of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, and much of that weight is carried in the front of the body. The weight can put strain on the shoulders, and it can cause the spine to curve out of balance, causing more pain. The ligaments also loosen, which means the body is being pulled in ways it’s not used to, causing more pain. On top of it all, the baby can bear down on the sciatic nerve, which can cause excruciating pain in the back, legs and buttocks.

At least half of all women experience lower back pain during pregnancy, and that pain becomes more prominent in the latter part of pregnancy when the woman is carrying more weight and the baby is bigger and pressing on nerves.

Chiropractic care is just one solution for some of this pain. A Mesa chiropractor can talk through the particular symptoms you are experiencing to develop an individual treatment plan that will offer the best results. Here are a few ways that a chiropractor can help ease the pain you experience during pregnancy:

Adjust the Spine before Pregnancy

If your spine is already out of alignment when pregnancy starts, the changes that you experience can put even more pressure on your spine and cause more pain. Think of it like putting weight on an ankle that’s already sprained. You want to heal the ankle before you try running a race. You also want to ensure your spine is in alignment before you get pregnant.

Restore Balance and Nerve Communication

Mesa chiropractic adjustment can, of course, restore the balance of your spine during pregnancy, which will relieve some of the pain you experience. In addition, chiropractic care can also improve circulation and improve the communication between your nerves.

When your spine moves out of alignment, it can put pressure on various muscles and can tighten the space between your vertebrae, liming communication between nerves.

Tense muscles can also put pressure on the spine, which can further cut off communication between nerves. Inflammation also has the same affect. Nerves communicate with muscles, organs, glands and blood vessels, helping your body to function properly. When nerves can’t properly communicate, you not only experience pain but also health problems that can turn into chronic conditions.

Poor nerve communication can lead to hormonal imbalances, which can also cause serious problems for you and your baby during pregnancy. Poor communication can also lead to high blood pressure, which can cause potentially life-threatening conditions like pre-eclampsia.

Finally, poor spinal alignment can lead to poor pelvic alignment, which can cause severe pain during pregnancy and birth, causing problems for mother and baby.

Chiropractic adjustment can correct all of these issues. Proper chiropractic care can align the spine and pelvis and can restore proper nerve communication, helping to relieve symptoms during pregnancy, relieve pain, promote healthy development in the baby, and ensure your overall health and well-being.

Restore Balance after Birth

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Mesa, Arizona, has many benefits
Giving birth is hard on your body. In particular, it can change the alignment of your pelvis because of all the changes that take place to accommodate the passage of the baby. Chiropractic adjustment can help the pelvis move back into its proper place, helping you to heal more quickly from the delivery and to speed your overall recovery. You’ll have more energy and less pain, ensuring that you can keep up with your demanding newborn a little more easily.

Additional Recommendations

Your chiropractor does much more than offer chiropractic care in Mesa, 85208. Your chiropractor also makes recommendations for exercises and other lifestyle changes you can make to relieve your pain and address the other health issues you are experiencing. Your chiropractor can also make recommendations about ergonomics during your pregnancy, helping to keep your spine in alignment.

For example, your East Mesa chiropractor may recommend that you sleep with a pregnancy wedge or that you make adjustments to your work space.

Wherever you are in your pregnancy, Body Workz can help you get the relief you need. A chiropractor from our team can offer adjustments before, during and after your pregnancy to keep your body in alignment and minimize your pain. With proper chiropractic adjustment, you can minimize your symptoms during pregnancy and keep you and your baby healthy and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment. We also offer massage therapy in Mesa and acupuncture.

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