Common Medical Conditions Treated by Chiropractors

Common Medical Conditions Treated by Mesa Chiropractors

Common Medical Conditions Treated by Chiropractors

Here are a few common medical conditions you might experience that could benefit from chiropractic care!
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You might think to see an Arizona chiropractor after you’ve been in a car accident and feel a little neck pain, or you might see a chiropractor after you’ve spent too many long nights bent over your computer at work. However, here are a few common medical conditions you might experience that could benefit from chiropractic care:


Everyone gets a headache from time to time, but some of us get them so frequently or so severely that they interfere with quality of life. Headaches can cause you to lose time from work, limit your mobility, or even affect your interactions with family and friends. The symptoms get much worse when you suffer migraines.

Chiropractic care can help to relieve or eliminate recurring headaches by aligning the spine and reduce pressure on the muscles. Your Gilbert chiropractor can also recommend nutritional or lifestyle changes that can help prevent future headaches.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When your spine moves out of alignment, it can put pressure on muscles and nerves that lead into your hands and wrist. This can lead to carpal tunnel-like symptoms, such as joint pain, stiffness, numbness, and tingling. You can also feel arthritic symptoms.

Pain in your hands and wrist can significantly impact your quality of life, making it difficult for you to do just about anything you need to do in your daily life. A few adjustments with your chiropractor may be all you need to start feeling relief and feeling productive again.

Disc Herniations

Injury or repetitive stress may lead to disc herniations in your spine. These symptoms include back pain, spasm or pain down into the groin, thigh, calf or foot. Inflammation in your spine can be relieved through chiropractic adjustments thus relieving the pain of these injuries. Adjusting the stiff joint in the spine and aligning the pelvis relieves the inflammation and provides mobility to your spine so that you can heal more efficiently.

Ask a chiropractor about adjustments to help relieve disc herniations or if they utilize spinal decompression or traction to help heal disc problems.

Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

You might suffer chronic pain in a certain part of your body, or you might suffer pain all over with a condition like fibromyalgia. Your pain may also be accompanied by fatigue, creating a crippling combination that negatively impacts your quality of life and how good you feel.

Your pain and fatigue could be partially caused by spinal misalignment that puts pressure on muscles and nerves. Your chiropractor can develop a treatment plan that will get to the source of your pain and provide overall relief while also increasing your energy.

Chiropractic care isn’t just for neck or back pain. It can treat literally dozens of health issues. BodyWorkz in Arizona is committed to helping our clients achieve a healthy lifestyle free of pain and fatigue. An experienced Mesa chiropractor from our team will create a comprehensive treatment plan that includes chiropractic adjustment as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. Call us today to get the relief you need.

July 16th, 2015Chiropractic

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